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Do you have any doubt? No problem! We help you. Maybe the answer that you need is here.

Of course yes! Use the feature available "MEDIA".

Various integration capabilities with leading social media as well as shops and virtual markets are available. Here are some examples:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Mercado Livre
  • Webmotors

YOU create the promotion and include it in the App. Your CUSTOMERS fill in the name, email, phone and compete for promotion. Use the feature "TEXT TO WIN".

Use the feature "YOUTUBE" and share your public channel videos. Everyone will surely love!

No doubt! To view dynamic news summarized in the home screen of your app, see "WIDGET" feature.

When you publish an App in the virtual store, decide whether it is free or not. Create your application and publish it as PAID APP. See the tips in "POSTING YOUR APP".

For sure! Your customers do not need to dial, save or remember your number. Simply access the function of your App that in just one click, they will contact you. See the "CALL US" feature.

Your customers can inform their own phone number in your App and ask you to return the call at the most convenient time for them. Meet the "CALL ME" feature.

All your Instagram photos can be integrated and have a special display format on your App. See the "MEDIA" solution.

This problem we solve for you! Those important documents and texts can be on your App using the "PDF" feature.

Your customers can plot routes to your business, viewing the way to you easily. Be found! All this inside your own App ... Check out the "MAPS".

Your audience can stay informed about your schedule dynamically, using the "EVENTS".

You can open other sites within your App, online forms and file links. It is fantastic for integrations! Check out the "LINKS" feature.

You can integrate the Chat of your Official Web Site and create this integrated channel. The feature "LINKS" will help you with this task.

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